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Leeds rap duo The Northaze pay homage to the internets’ legendary deceased file-sharing site Limewire and all it meant prior to streaming monopolisation. 

‘RIP Limewire’ comes with a cinematic video directed by Tom Ip furthering the futuristic aesthetic which emcees Swish and Kosi Tides embody. The latter has been on a lone mission during the pairs’ absence from the scene, dropping solo releases ‘It Followed Me Home’ and ‘Channel 8 / Sunset Orange’ which only added to the anticipation for a new chapter of The Northaze. 

Well, now we have it. Not only do we have a new single, which we can only pray is part of a larger project, but we also have a website and merchandise coined ‘Class of 21′, or we did until it sold out just days after its pre-order release. The Northaze are growing stronger every day, much like a supervillain, but unlike a supervillain, they are not doing it alone; they’re bringing their city and their people right to the forefront and fighting alongside them.

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