Oh you thought it was a love song, you thought wrong

By Maria Winter

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North East brat-pop duo Zela has once again proven their prowess in crafting alternative pop masterpieces with their latest single, ‘Love Ya’. Siblings Liv and Max Griff have perfected their craft of combining electronic music produced in the studio and live instrumentals during performances. Hailing from Spennymoor in County Durham, music always held a strong presence in the pair’s family life, so it’s no surprise that they are now taking the Northeast by storm with their unapologetic, bold original material.

Infused with a touch of dark musicality and laced with witty lyrics, ‘Love Ya’ is a captivating journey through the complexities of love and relationships. From the moment Liv opens the song with the punchy line, “Oh you thought it was a love song, you thought wrong”, listeners are drawn into Zela’s multiform sonic universe, where raw emotion and intricate instrumentation collide. The driving rhythm sets the stage for Liv’s powerful delivery, captivating attention from start to finish.

Drawing inspiration from the grittier realm of Electronic-Pop reminiscent of the ‘Skins’ era in the late 2000s/early 2010s, this track weaves a narrative of unreciprocated affection from a love interest who has become deeply ensnared – similar to the iconic imagery between Felix and Oliver portrayed in Emerald Fennell’s recent film, ‘Saltburn.’ It’s safe to say ‘Love Ya’ is sure to resonate with listeners seeking music that challenges the status quo.

What truly sets Zela apart is the pair’s ability to blend atmospheric production with infectious pop hooks seamlessly. The juxtaposition of punchy synths, repetitive melody lines, and sarcastic lyricism creates an irresistible mesmerising soundscape. It’s certainly a testament to the duo’s innovative approach to songwriting, pushing the boundaries of genre and defying expectations.

Following on from their previous hit single, ‘gaslighting isn’t real, you’re just mental’, this upcoming track is another triumph, showcasing their evolution as artists and solidifying their place in the alternative pop landscape. Keep an eye on Zela as they continue to push boundaries and redefine the sound of modern pop music.

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Cover photo by Sam Wall