Normal never was

By Alfredo Violante Widmer

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Late last year Crass made the original separate track stems of their seminal debut album ‘The Feeding Of The Five Thousand’ available as a free download. 

Crass encouraged people to rip apart the sound and ideas and create something new, then send the files to Crass Records for future releases and charitable projects. The message is DIY like it never was before. 

“Yours for the taking, yours for the making,” Crass stated. “You do it. We’ll stew it. Mix it backwards, forwards and upside down. Turn up the heat and fix it with a downbeat, bring in the trumpets and let them blow, let the piper call the tune to let us all know. It’s up to you to do what you like with it. The only limitation is your imagination.”

‘Normal Never Was III’ remix by Mikado Koko preserves the antireligious spoken-word piece with a subtle but no less impactful twist. Both serve to inject even more intensity to already powerful tracks and are crystal clear reminders of why Crass were so important, and remain so vital today. 

Mikado Koko destroys what she learned from theatre, music and dance experience to challenge the new authority. She focuses on avant-garde poetry reading related to feminism and gender equality.

All monies raised from the project will go to the charity ‘Refuge’ who said; “We’re incredibly grateful to Crass and their team for helping raise vital funds for Refuge. Since the start of lockdown, Refuge has seen a 66% rise in demand for its Helpline and a 950% rise in visits to its Helpline website. This shows the sheer extent of the need for specialist domestic abuse services – not just during lockdown but beyond. Every penny raised helps us to ensure that no woman or child is turned away from safety.”

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