Never obey again

By Neshy Denton

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The power of being heard in the music industry – recognition falls heavy on this band’s heart after the release of their debut album, ‘The End Of An Era’. As they close off an artistic chapter in their lives, they embrace the warm welcome of their very next one. True to their name, Never Obey Again, the band remains steadfast in adhering solely to their own creative principles.

How has the band felt since your debut release in September? 

We are very happy, especially thanks to the unexpected love that came from it. As a new band, you never know what to expect. We were so surprised about the good welcome from the audience. Besides this, we feel (as a new band) also pretty lost cause when you start the music journey, you’ll never know what’s going to happen after, cause…well, nobody in the business cares about you if you don’t have the right numbers. So, it’s not easy to be noticed, especially in the middle of tons of very good bands that already have their success. We are not discouraged, though. We are working hard to make our music known. We are already working on the second album. We are thirsty for live shows and everything that this world, which we love so much, can give us. We do not stop. It’s just a hard but fascinating beginning.

How did the five of you find each other?

We were friends already. Ale and Cris have shared a lot of stages together with previous bands. Ale and I are a couple, and we already had another music project; a duo and a cover band is our main job. Alex is from our city and lives a few streets away from our house.

Why should you never obey again? 

Cause we have been working in the music business for a long time alongside different bands. Music is a real job for Ale and me (the other guitar player). We have a side project playing covers with which we earn our living. But obviously, in this field, “compromise” is the order of the day. Never before have we needed to be part of a project that represented us 100%. It is a safe place to create once and for all the music we really enjoy playing and singing. Something that connected us with people, which carried a real meaning. Hence the birth of ‘Never Obey Again’.

The electronic influence in your heavy music hits differently as a listening experience. What influences made you fall upon this sound?

Honestly, we think the electronic parts can create fantastic music scenarios. They are able to drive the listener into a magic world where they can get lost. Electronics help us give the right feelings to the songs. It’s a part of us. 

What sort of approach did you use for this album in terms of writing and production?

I know what I’m about to say may seem reductive, but there hasn’t been a real process. The album was born on its own, with an inexplicable naturalness. Sometimes, someone had a vocal line, someone else a guitar riff, and then in the studio, together, the song came out almost magically. The feeling is that we were just meant to be.

This might be cheeky, but are there any personal favourite songs of the album? 

I love ‘Take Care of You’; I also feel very close to ‘Underdog’, a song I wrote that talks about my deepest feelings. But this is a difficult question. I hope not to sound cocky, but I honestly love them all. I’m very proud of our first job, and it’s not as obvious since I’m hypercritical about everything that concerns me:)

How was the technical experience to record and mix between these two genres? 

We do it all by ourselves: mix and production. We have our own studio. Alex Pedrotti (the other guitar player and producer) had a side EDM music project, so blending the two genres together wasn’t difficult. 

The vocals on this album are incredibly powerful. Do you have a special warm-up routine to keep your vocals strong before recording? 

Oh, thank you so much! Yeah, before recording, I always ensure my voice is warmed up. When you record, you have to be 100%. You could sing immediately, but listening to yourself, you wouldn’t like it. It just takes 10-15 minutes. First of all, I activate my diaphragm with breathing exercises (one of the most important things), and then I follow with some lip rolls, humming, and glissade; just the right amount to warm up without stressing my voice.

As a newly planted band, how has the post-release been? Have you had any unexpected reactions or feedback?

We are so thrilled about this unexpected love from the audience. We receive supporting messages and comments on our social media daily. We had the chance to sign almost immediately with a very good label, Scarlet Records. We have received reviews, and written articles have been dedicated to us, so we cannot be grateful enough.

Being an Italian-formed band, though, what ignites you to write English lyrics mainly? 

Unfortunately, Italy is not the best place for metalheads. We decided to write in English to reach a wider audience and give the band a more international scope. Plus, our listening has always been foreign music.

How do you see the band’s sound evolving in the future? 

We are already working on the new album. I consider this second album much more mature in terms of sound. We are big fans of Spiritbox, I Prevail, and Bring Me The Horizon, so I feel we are finally making it in that direction.

The End Of An Era’ is a strong title. What does it mean? 

The end of an era. It represents the end of what no longer belongs to us, artistically speaking. It’s the beginning of a new artistic chapter where we can be ourselves. The cover of the album, in fact, represents a little child who’s staring at a burning scene. We are the little child. She started the fire. And everything that burns represents a past that becomes ash to give life to something new.

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