My goal is to provide my listeners with a space where they feel comfortable letting their emotions flow

By Maria Winter

In the world of music and fashion, Egzon stands as a multifaceted artist whose journey from a refugee child in Germany to a creative force seamlessly blending diverse artistic expressions is as inspiring as it is remarkable. Having just released a brand new single titled ‘Save Me’, Egzon is taking his music to new heights.

Born in Kosovo amidst the turmoil of war, Egzon’s early years were marked by displacement, uncertainty, and the search for identity. However, it was within the vibrant cultural landscape of Germany that Egzon found solace, inspiration, and his true calling. “Growing up in Germany naturally made it my homeland as well”, he explains. “As a family, we are fully integrated, yet we have never forgotten our roots, so we have two countries where we feel at home. I think being seen as an ‘outsider’ has personally strengthened my desire to make something of myself even more.”

Having performed in multiple choirs during his childhood and teenage years, EGZON used these performance experiences to truly build his self-confidence and stage presence for future ventures. He says, “As a teenager, my passion for music was reignited by talent shows like ‘Popstars’, which led me to join the ‘Pop and Rock Choir’ Step in LA. I was also trained in Berlin to lead as a speaker through the traveling exhibition of ‘Anne Frank’. With this self-confidence, I was discovered as a model, and my experiences on stage grew. At the same time, I secretly fell in love with the love story that has shaped my songs today because it lasted for over ten years and could only occur behind closed doors. Because of this infatuation, I rehearsed a song that later made me one of the most booked singers every season. Suddenly, I was booked by the agency owner Senay Blank, who saw more potential in me, for various tours as a model and singer, thus experiencing the showbiz world for the first time.”

Transitioning from choir performances to the world of modeling, Egzon’s journey took an unexpected yet transformative turn. His experience in the fashion industry not only complemented his musical pursuits but also provided him with valuable insights into aesthetics, self-presentation, and the art of storytelling. Hosting fashion shows for renowned brands like MarcCain allowed Egzon to bridge the gap between music and fashion, showcasing his versatility and captivating audiences with his charisma and style. “For me, music and fashion have always been intertwined”, he states. “I decide to use my brand to bring to life the aesthetics of beautiful couture dresses and the sensitivity in music.”

However, it was the onset of the pandemic that marked a pivotal moment in Egzon’s creative journey. With the world at a standstill, Egzon found himself grappling with personal challenges and introspection. The clandestine love affair that had sustained him came to an end, prompting a period of self-reflection and emotional healing. During this time of solitude, Egzon’s passion for music was reignited, serving as a form of therapy and self-discovery.

Egzon explains, “After borrowing money to buy myself an ePiano, I reached out to my former piano teacher, Alexander Kühn, who in the meantime had been recognized as a director in Cannes. He got an update on what had been happening in my life, and he suggested that I watch his short film ‘Key Moment’. The closing line in this film – “And if you do it, do it primarily for yourself” – was my key moment to say that I am now giving a stage to my inner voice. My puzzle began to come together more and more and I realized that I was surrounded by everything one needs to embark on a musical journey. I stepped into a studio as Egzon for the first time, and I also reunited with an old acquaintance who encouraged me to express my deep-seated feelings and traumas. With Emos, I suddenly began to compose my feelings into lyrics, and she helped me shape them. This way, I learned to be more and more free and to find my singing voice again until ‘Is This Love’ emerged from within me. This song marked the beginning of processing the loss of my great love and the start of using music to speak about and heal my emotions.”

The beauty of his debut single ‘Is This Love’ lies precisely in the way the music reveals the vulnerability beneath the perceived persona of Egzon. His vocal delivery seamlessly weaves between tender and commanding, highlighting the profound synergy between vulnerability and resilience.

Continuing to draw from personal experiences and emotions, Egzon delved deeper into songwriting, pouring his heart and soul into his music. His newly released single, ‘Save Me’, reflects influences from artists like Adele, Sam Smith, Michael Bublé, and The Weeknd, blending soulful melodies with heartfelt lyrics that resonate with listeners on a profound level. “My goal is to provide my listeners with a safe emotional space where they feel comfortable letting their emotions flow freely. Music has always been my unpaid therapist, and I hope that my songs can also help others create their moments.”

For Egzon, every songwriting process is a unique journey, rooted in personal experiences. Whether it’s expressing his innermost feelings through piano melodies or finding inspiration in instrumental arrangements, the singer-songwriter’s creative process is guided by authenticity and emotional resonance.

Looking ahead, Egzon’s eponymous fashion brand, Egzon Maliqi, embodies his vision of creating beauty, fostering understanding, and sensitizing individuals to delve deeper into their emotions. Like a tree with many branches, his artistic endeavors continue evolving, reflecting life’s ever-changing seasons and creativity.

With each song and fashion collection, Egzon aspires to inspire love, compassion, and self-discovery, leaving an indelible mark on the world of music and fashion. Check out his latest single now.

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Photograph by Julia Melnyk

Is This Love