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Ireland’s finest Soft Boy Kojaque has blessed the world with a date for his upcoming ‘debut’ album ‘Town’s Dead’. Despite already having tucked under his belt two mixtapes and a collaborative project with fellow Soft Boy Luka Palm, this album is billed as his debut and promises to be something a bit different.

Early release singles’ Shmelly’ and ‘No Hands’ have been joined now by the albums’ namesake ‘Town’s Dead’, with all three tracks taking discreet turns away from typical Hip hop for more rocky, jazzy fields of interest.
As well as these three early birds perching on pylon wiring, we also have a full track-list with 16 songs to get fans fantasising over every spark; markedly an appearance from vocalist Maverick Sabre, his second ‘rap’ album cameo this year. ‘Town’s Dead’ is out on Soft Boy Records on June 25th.

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