Keeping the scenes in your head on record

By Neshy Denton

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The day is coming to an end. As the sun slowly begins to disappear, you start to feel a chill climbing up your spine. It might be the cold seeping through, in the sudden absence of the solar warmth. But, deep down, you know it is the jarring reality of coming face to face with your thoughts. There is this dark suspense which flusters around in Elia Martina’s music. The one that mimics the loud eagerness to reflect on … something. 

Martina has the ability to surface the deep intrigue he carries, through the weight of an experimental brilliance in his music. Having deviated from the structural barriers of composition, he has immersed himself into his very own visionary of a dark and tantalising creation of his sound. 

Tracing onto his country roads and dark reflections, he has come to show us a new scene from inside his head. A scene he has translated into the two tracks “Half Sleep With A Witch” and “Rec”. This last one he considers a possible abbreviation of recovery – to just take it easy. 

The pathways that conclude into his noble songs, have experienced a considerable shift since he first picked up a guitar at the age of fourteen. The need to follow his honest lyricism, has dropped him off at a much further station than anticipated. Touching base with Ambient music and exploring with experimental inputs towards his electronic foundation. This has even lead him to a desire of writing soundtracks for films. A dream waiting for him at the very next station. 

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