I’ve got my eyelids closed

By Alex Wilson

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Manchester’s Mold aren’t your everyday experimental punk rockers (should such a thing exist?). Recent single ‘Eyelids’ is a testament to that and has you pondering whether the band might be able to recreate such awesomeness live. The answer is exactly what you want it to be. Yes, their live show is as weird and wacky as both their music and as the band themselves.

Unusual bands tend to cause controversy, and where there is controversy there is hatred. As such Mold once had someone misunderstand their lyrics and accuse them of being anti-immigration and fascist after a show. Instead of talking to them about it, said individual found it more to his taste to bitch loudly about them at the bar. Surprise, surprise a few days later some graffiti turned up on one of the band’s posters saying they were fascists with shitty messages.

Be that as it may, haters aren’t the greatest challenge Mold face. A much less petty and much more real threat opposes Manchester’s music scene. The building that they practice in, recorded their first demos in and countless other bands also still work in, is about to be destroyed to make way for luxury apartments (incidentally the name of another sweet band that have supported Mold in the past check them out). Sadly, since cash is king and non-commercial alternative music isn’t where the money is anymore, the number of small music venues in Manchester is rapidly declining.

It is the hope of Mold, and assuredly many of Manchester’s alternative scene, that a less nostalgic and more proactive scene should develop in the city. So long as there is demand amongst the youth, music will always find a way to thrive and Mold’s ongoing contributions to the scene help to ensure the future of Manchester’s underground music subculture. Keep killing it guys.


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Cover photo by Through The Eyes Of Ruby