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We believe so! So much that we are entering the game. Yes, Public Pressure will launch its NFT music platform at the end of August. And here is the icing on the cake; the NFT music space is so new that we managed to pull in some bestselling artists, happy to rub shoulders with our subcultural heroes.

For us, quite simply, NFT is the innovative format the subcultural communities needed to contrast the streaming industry, turning music into a disposable commodity. So if you are one of the bands and solo artists we supported since 2105 or a superfan, click below and enrol in our newest adventure.

Our mission is to leverage disruptive technologies and formats to create a new economic model, where artists can bring back value to their music and be chased rather than do the chasing. We want to be part of a structural change that will remodel the music industry from the ground up.

And now for the eco-friendly debate

Cryptocurrencies are now green. There are many alternatives to Etherum, which is also looking into improving energy consumption and fees further down the line. So rest assured, Public Pressure will be green for artists and fans alike.

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