Inside Roadkill Vol 2 with Junior

By Alfredo Violante Widmer

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Our trip inside Roadkill Vol.2 sold out cassette tape continues with East London duo Junior. Watch their video and find out how they got into Josh Cooper’s Roadkill scene with some of their favourite bands.



What attracted you to the second Roadkill compilation?

I’d been talking to Josh for a while but it wasn’t until I bumped into him at a gig that I looked a bit more into what Roadkill was all about. Every show he’d put on looked mental. I was eager to be a part of it, however small or meager it was. Whether it was just turning up to support or opening for someone. I was stoked when he asked me to be on his second cassette.

What bands on the tape are you most excited about?

Josh seriously smashed it this year, the listings are great. I got the chance to see Scab Hand open for some small show up in Hoxton last year. They’ve got such a ferocious noise and their fast-growing following goes to prove that. I caught Frauds early this year and they had an amazing show too. Sit Down were opening for them and immediately I was hooked on their stuff as well. We’re pretty lucky to be flanked by such great bands on the track listing.

What else is going on with Junior at the moment?

We’ve been playing shows every month for quite a while. I don’t want to burn it out. We have a homecoming headline show at the beginning of summer in Hertfordshire and then we’re taking a little break to focus on recording our next EP.


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