I was fighting the image in the mirror and finally realised the first step was forgiveness

By Federica Burelli

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Veronica, the lyrical heart and poetic soul of Fisheye, shared a beautiful anecdote with me. She reminisced, “Diego saw in me the spark that I was not able to see“ when I asked her about the origins of the band whose story began with a delightful stroke of fate. Diego, the creative mastermind behind Fisheye’s visual dimension, sensed a creative potential in Veronica and Michele. Despite their initial reservations, Diego’s intuition led to an auspicious encounter within a studio setting, laying the foundation for the birth of Fisheye—an entity where the realms of music and art converged organically.

Veronica’s mission is to infuse music with profound depth and meaning. She wants you to feel the raw emotions woven into every composition. Take, for example, ‘More Than The Flash.’ Veronica wrote this poignant poem during a heartbreak, a journey of self-discovery and forgiveness. It’s a deep dive into the complexities of self-identity, a testament to her lyrical finesse.

And what about Michele? Well, he’s the amazing drummer and show-stopper of the band. He promises to bring a fresh dimension to Fisheye’s live performances, and we can’t wait to experience the dynamism and innovation they have in store. Trust me, this hardworking trio won’t disappoint. “Something that will always be new, something that will always have the fragrance of a constant personal research, the deepness of the transformation, the curiosity of a child, and hopefully that can be relatable.” Isn’t that the essence of life itself? Michele, the musical virtuoso of the trio, draws inspiration from a diverse palette of electronic music genres, including the evocative synthwave and the subtle allure of minimalism. His passion for sound design and love for the rhythmic aesthetics of the 1980s shape the project’s unique auditory identity.

“Talking about the visual imagery, I think I was very much affected by those movies showing the hidden side of life, a hidden side that we often don’t want to look at, uncontrolled and raw emotions, personal research, black and white, intimacy.”

I also got to ask a few questions to Diego, which I am really intrigued by, considering that the band has an interesting recurring motif within their visual storytelling, which helps define its depth and flow. Did you guess it right? Correct, It’s water. Whether through music videos or stage designs, Diego’s creative process is marked by collaboration and a commitment to allowing creativity to flow naturally. Fisheye’s visual identity remains fluid and adaptable, a testament to its authenticity and its capacity to reflect the collective’s growth and enthusiasm.

Looking ahead, their dedicated fans and enthusiastic listeners can expect Fisheye to continually chart new artistic frontiers, experiment, and keep getting surprised by them as the project remains committed to the pursuit of personal artistic exploration, transformation, and curiosity. So stay tuned, dear readers, for the journey is just beginning!

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