I swear down

By Dylan Robinson

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In a collaboration for the ages, Sheffield emcee Immi Larusso has linked up with Australian Nelson Dialect and American Dango Forlaine for ‘Swear Down’, one of the lengthier helpings of lo-fi introspection. On a near soulful loop provided by Immi’s regular producer Thugz Bunny, the trio open up to their varied audiences over a combination of strings and trumpets that would be as listenable on its own as it is beneath the teachings. 

2022 was a year of solid albums for the enigmatic Immi; the Morriarchi produced ‘Shalimar Gardens’ nestles between a dylantheinfamous curated ‘The Masquerade’ and the hallucinogenic-inspired ‘Mescalito’ to round off a productive and poignant year. And it seems 2023, although a late starter, will carry his sound through to new listeners from around the globe. 

‘Swear Down’ sees Nelson Dialect, from whom many UK fans will recognise after his and Mr Slipz’s High Focus drop in April last year, open up on friend suicides in his typically husky, subtly Aussie delivery. Another one with a flawless work rate, he earned his stripes on Pang Productions with Must Volkoff and even received playback from DJ Premiere on Eminem’s Shady45 radio station no less. 

Dango Forlaine is from across the pond but still holds his own in the UK scene thanks to previous collabs with Immi and other underground artists. His delivery provides a nice Detroit-tasting chaser for the track. Of course, he doesn’t shy away from the task at hand; his flow proving a perfect match for the slow and steady soundscape.

“Both artists didn’t need the vision explaining, they just got the cue and both were perfect choices”- Immi Larusso

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