I sharpened all of my blades on these bad Tuesdays

By Dylan Robinson

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‘Bad Tuesday’ is the 5-track EP constructed by DJ-duo Allone who have blended European electronic sounds into their UK rap debut and summoned a mic-bearer so versatile it’s a wonder he hasn’t created his own genre yet.

Early drop ‘Adept’ very much set the standard for the project; fast-paced and ever-moulding sounds keep Dabbla switching up flows in a way that almost seems he is revelling in the challenge of spitting to these beats. Even with such attention to flows and delivery, Dabbla of course sneaks in a few typically on-the-nose comments and side-swipes that will have you chuckling in agreement.

Fellow label-member Illaman contributes on ‘Mountain Goat’ with the equally esteemed Sumgii left to do all the mixing, mastering and nip-tucking. With projects like this it’s very important to get mic levels right so not to lose Dabbla’s mean teachings but also not distract from Allone’s stimulating soundscapes.

As with most Potent Funk drops these days we have visuals too; big ups to Daisy Chain for early release ‘Adept’ and most recently ‘Resistance’, both conceptually intriguing. There is some limited-edition signed vinyl to cop, with the artwork for the EP inspired by the cult classic The Usual Suspects adapted by George Tellis.

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