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An initiative backed by Giles Petterson and Arts Council England has led to the release of the 6th Future Bubblers Compilation on Brownswood Recordings. With the focus on unsigned artists, the scheme gives young creatives the tools to record, produce and manufacture music which will be showcased on collaborative projects such as this one. Further support from the PRS Foundation and Talent Development Partners allows releasing music possible for artists who would not usually have the means to do so whilst bringing them closer to other similar creatives and audiences. This year we see 10 artists span across the 9 tracks fusing a range of Electronic, Neo-Soul, Alt Hip Hop and Jazz sounds, each learning their trade as they go. Vocalist Victoria Janes said this about the initiative:

“Being a Future Bubbler was one of the best things that have happened to me. Not only did I get to meet so many amazing creatives and artists, but it also allowed me to have the freedom to really find my sound. It allowed me to travel outside of Manchester to London, and on the whole, just gave me such an amazing experience and insight into the industry.”

Exposure in music can be a make-or-break deal when it comes to success, and by releasing as one body of work, these upcoming artists can maximise their exposure in various scenes. In addition, the artists receive direct revenue from any sales of the project, which can they can use to start their recording career.

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