Start the revolution on the dancefloor

By Jacob Lilley

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“We are noisy siblings on an adventure in sound. We live at No.7 Electro-brat Heaven and love spending time with friends… Our gig rider is ‘green tea and gin’ cocktails with ethically sourced sponge cake for the aftershow food fight.”

They may leave you thinking in ways you didn’t think possible. Their music appears refined and full of enthusiasm, keeping it sincere with their subject matter whether they are focused on science, love or politics. But they still know how to party and work a groovy yet serious atmosphere.

Feral Five aren’t ones to keep their political opinions under wraps, unafraid to speak out about the confusion surrounding politics and the state it’s left our nation. However, they seem hopeful for the future, focused and ready for change.

“[It’s] a fucking mess but out of chaos, resistance grows: the Women’s March, Downing Street protests, new heroines. New generations are being inspired by amazing speakers at all these events.”

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Punk has always had that sense of resistance: if there’s an issue, chances are punk has it covered. Feral Five’s lyrics may come on a bit strong, to say the least, but it’s this confronting attitude that made anti-establishment punk what it is! It’s about knocking down boundaries and challenging society in ways few people dare. Feral Five have adopted this attitude and made it their own. Not only building themselves as the punk that Britain needs but the punk you can dance along to in the process. But does punk have a substantial part to play in rebellion like it once did? I regretted my question almost instantly.

“Punk is everywhere, switch your eyes on. There are more DIY artists of every kind than ever before. Blogs are punk, art is punk, unmediated opinion is punk. Punk is more than 2,3,4. If you go to a band night and hear nothing that connects with or challenges the present day, it’s an embarrassment. The best music is being made by the most passionate artists. Mainstream media may ignore it, but anyone who says ‘Where are all the protest songs?’ needs to get up off the sofa.”



That’s me told. However, Feral Five’s views spread further than, say, Brexit, politicians and all the other generic punk topics. With their mixture of electro and punk, their passion also branches into science. An intriguing combination, but does it conflict with that raw punk aesthetic, creating something too polished and refined?.

“Music is an expression, not a formula. If you’re hidebound by genres, you can’t make anything new. Our lyrics are always opinionated and our current truth, or figurehead truths. We’ve taken an axe to biased neuroscience. #3dprintinghumans is happening, lasers are being tested as a source of power for the world. Sometimes we get emotional.Mostly we’re serving up electropunk brainfood, but 22nd-century science won’t always work.”

Although Feral Five seem almost fixated on this ideology of punk changing the world, it’s refreshing to see yet another electropunk mind bomb taking the music to the next level. We can all rest easy knowing someone’s looking out for the world, even if it is two siblings from Kent. We’re still in safe hands: “Art is a 360 and 24/7, this is us.”


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Artwork by Sound Of Equinox