Drum and riff hurricanes, who’s ready?

By Neshy Denton

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Any chance you’re tempted by a bit of stormy weather? Or thundering rhythms? Cause they’ve been on the sweep for time now. Hard to miss the noise, travelling over the many lands of fetterless guitar frets and of an eagerness for powerful drumming graves. From Europe to the far corners of the globe, the amp storm hunters have been spoilt for choice with gigs which would be rude to miss. 

Hurricane Festival is a significant contender in this scandalous election race. Born and raised in Germany, it’s been breaking speed limits on the Eichenring speedway racetrack in Scheeßel since 1997. Paired with its twin, Southside Festival based in Neuhausen, it spits the rumbles of fire through an exhaust pipe of inexhaustible rock sound slappers and pop merry-go-rounds. 

Whilst our headliners such as Ed Sheeran, Avril Levigne, and Bring Me The Horizon take care of our main line popular, the drawing scene below encounters a new appearance from our favourite bands like the Bristol doers Idles; Fontaines DC, deluding their raw post-punk fervour; the honourable hardcore Turnstile; Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes promising a good hit and punch; The Last Dinner Party and many more, as per. 

Fairly newer ones like the Liverpudlian band Stone will be tracing the outlines of some good brit-rock, or The Mysterines who’ve also sunk their teeth straight into the UK’s indie-rock scene. Then a more tamed Jungle will balance out the frequencies with their signature soulful funk in tandem with the other not-so-olden but definitely golden The National and The Subways. 

As we’ve quoted many a time, festivals are a boiling pot of all tastes and seasoning hints. I always think it’s pretty cool how a singular event has the power to bring together musicians whose names have stamped fossils into the music industry to play alongside those who haven’t yet conquered such recognition. These events grant the open stage to those headlining but strip away the stratification of focusing on assigning whose and what success. 

The German homegrown heroes will include acts like Giant Rooks, Kontra K, Ski Aggu Grossstadtgeflüster, and even Kabinett and Bruckner. Germany has all sorts to offer other than good beer and sausage. It is a land of many delights. 

These stages will be in full blast from June 21st to June 23rd. Does anyone fancy a good Stürme?

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Cover photo: Bring Me The Horizon by Jonty Wild