Das Koolies, it’s been a long time coming

By Neshy Denton

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Some people have a buzz at the back of their minds. And it has been following them around for years as a permuting device of unavoidable white noise. Every now and then, this blur of a concept sharpens into a recognizable dream before fuzzing out once again into the infinite shallows of our thoughts. 

I’ve had many. I’m sure you have, too. However, some of these embryonic notions don’t get the chance to reach their potential and solidify as a final outcome. When you plant this situation into an artist’s mind, you might be overwhelmed by how crowded it gets in there. If you would’ve had a peek into Super Furry Animals member’s minds a while back, you would’ve found a vague boiling pot of musical urges, which has now rightfully coalesced into a whole new band known as Das Koolies. 

You can hear momentary detonations of nostalgic delight while recreating their new sound. After an unfortunate circumstance of financial difficulties, SFA parted ways a while back, leaving behind an unfinished inkling of what their strong alliance as friends, as partners in musical crime, had in reserve for their binding potential. The rekindling of the band as Das Koolies, without the presence of Rhys unfortunately, has guaranteed an opening of a new energy, a new audience. Of a whole new playground of musical slides to get lost in. 

Their touch oozes an obvious presence of experience. Not only musically but personally. They treat these empty stems as a whole new opportunity to chuck in fresh pigments from their background as ravers or punks and everything in between. They’ve come to a stage in their lives where the stimulating influences from their past experiences and industry awareness have built to unimaginable possibilities of creating great new music. I particularly love their vocal play around soft harmonies, monotone enchantments or even wistful melodies over the burning trance of such groove-based electronica. 

The release of their debut album in September 2023 , named DK.01, features seventeen songs of humbling musical engineering. These songs board over an industrial terrain which could only be categorised as ahead of its time – it feels like a futuristic punk tea bag has been dunked into a 70’s electronic synth boiling pot of water. The steeping of this brew is experimental as well as contagious within such an irrefutable energy. They embrace this addictive power by working from loops and grooves instead of traditional songwriting methods. That’s what they used to do in Super Furry Animals, so it’s what they’ve always been accustomed to. 

I stood corrected as I mentioned they were a Cardiff-born band. Definitely not based. “Myself and Cian were born in Bangor, North Wales, Bunf in Cheltenham but Guto (who now lives abroad in Scotland) was. I suppose you could say the band was conceived in Cardiff!” Dafydd Ieuan specifies. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact origin of a band like Das Koolies; while some members have spread nationwide, they maintain a close-knit connection. Ieuan resides happily within the walls of his studio and lives in simple harmony with the satisfying work this new band has in stake for him, as well as his multifaceted Spanish companion recognised under the name of Duolingo. 

DK.01 is only the first promising crack from this band. Coming up we are to expect a special treat on music’s very own version of xmas day. Their remixes on 12” record will be out on Record Store Day including reworks by Gabe Gurnsey and Dj Krust. They’re in the process of writing more music as we speak and whilst we await another donation of their musical drawings they will be making appearances soon at a few gigs and festivals. 

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