Blessed With A Burden

By Sam Goodwin

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Its been a few months since we last got a glimpse into the world of the Waste Mangmt team, thankfully March saw the release of a new solo Sonny Mac project. Blessed With A Burden compiles a selection of tracks, written over several years, and now brought together into a cohesive whole and thrown out into the world. This is the sound of a writer and artist exploring his craft, coming into his own, and coming to terms with his art and all that rides along with that. Sonny took some time out to explain where these songs, and the project as a whole, have grown from…



“The ‘Blessed With A Burden’ project has been lingering with me since around 2012 and chronicles the constant internal battle I’ve had with music. I’ve always had a love for the creative and technical side of things, but the outward, promotional, business side has always felt kinda ego driven, everyone desperately screaming “Hey, look at me!”. That’s dead. That’s not why I make music. But gone are the days when creatives were allowed to just create and the labels would take care of everything else. Now artists are expected to be entrepreneurs.”




“For myself, and I assume many, music has been a massive positive influence, helping me make sense of the bizarre idiosyncrasies of life. The people who describe the emotions we feel and narrate the experiences that we all go through are the artists, rappers, writers, poets. They reflect the world around us and express things in ways which we can all relate to. If you’ve cultivated the ability to produce music or art which moves people, it then becomes your duty to do so. To not create would be to deny people access to a reflection of themselves. We all need that. That’s why music is culturally universal. So I guess it was pondering all this, over many years, which finally led me to the conclusion, if you’ve been gifted with the capacity and desire to create, you must create… And that’s why I’m ‘Blessed With A Burden’.”

Blessed With A Burden is available for PWYW download here. And be sure to check out Sonny Mac alongside Mr Byte.


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