Rapper BA$$ formerly known as YXNG BA$$, is a Lebanese-Syrian-American rapper who was born in Beirut, Lebanon and grew up split between Beirut and Los Angeles. Growing up BA$$ always had a love for music (with a focus on Hip-Hop.) Many videos of him rapping and DJing as a kid are put on his social media and YouTube in his own videos as he likes to site the love he’s had all his life. Growing up in Lebanon it was tough to fully express yourself the way you wanted to within music as everything was very traditional, but moving to Los Angeles at the age of 12, BA$$’s love for music grew significantly. Being surrounded by others who were artists and involved in the industry, on his 16th birthday was surprised with a microphone by an old friend of his and recorded his first song that night. While still in highschool he never took it too seriously, recording rough songs here and there just for the love of it. As years passed BA$$ began releasing music and enjoying making music but he never thought it lived up to what he could do, and always knew he could do better. As time went on he would release small projects until quarantine hit. BA$$ was always complaining at the fact that engineers never knew how to work with his vocals the way he wanted to. So over the course of quarantine he began teaching himself how to mix and master. From there on forth, he started mixing his own vocals and worked on his debut Album, The Lord Of La Grange. BA$$ states the album was pretty much finished initially at several studios but decided to scrap it all and start from scratch with his own engineering techniques. After BA$$ released his album, it peaked at Number 4 on the Official Lebanese Apple Music Charts, and that’s when things started to change for him. He decided it was time to move back to Lebanon for a year and get closer to his audience. His intentions were to build a fan base, push his music to larger audiences in Lebanon, and work on his craft with other artists in Lebanon. After gaining slight traction on Tik Tok, he released his Long awaited drill single F1, which also hit the Lebanese Charts peaking at number 25 and gaining almost half a million streams accross all platforms This made BA$$ a well know name in Lebanon. With his songs playing in all clubs in Lebanon and accross the Middle East, this was BA$$ small taste of stardom which changed his mindset. Following this BA$$ released his sophomore album 961, the area code of Lebanon, including drill melodic and trap tracks. He was most known for his drill sound but pushed to show his versatility. Following this BA$$ moved back to LA, to see how he can take his career to the next level. Not long ago BA$$ dropped his long awaited track 11 with fellow artist SCUZIII.

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