Yuli Kay

Hello, I’m Yuliia Kyrylenko, or as I’m artistically exploring, Yuli Kay. Originally from Ukraine, my musical roots were nurtured amidst the melodies and rhythms of my father’s music. Despite the challenges brought by the war, my passion for music remains unshaken. Musical Exploration My musical journey is a tapestry of diverse genres – from the soulful strains of alternative rock and blues to the vibrant beats of pop and EDM. Recently, I’ve been experimenting with epic hip-hop, infusing it with my poetry. This exploration is a journey I’m eager to continue. Professional and Web3 Endeavors With a background in community management, content creation, and education, I’ve spent over seven years weaving words and ideas in various forms. My work spans across platforms like Medium, Discord, and Twitter, reflecting my adaptability and eagerness to embrace new challenges. Since 2020, I’ve delved into the crypto world, contributing to projects like UX (former Umee), Bifrost, Manta Network, Moonbeam, Zeitgeist, and many others. My roles have varied from community management to content creation, showcasing my versatility and commitment to this evolving field. Artistic Aspirations My aspiration is to find a harmonious blend of my musical passion with the innovative world of Web3. I see Public Pressure as a platform where this fusion can thrive, offering new avenues for creative expression. Discover My Music For a taste of my musical journey, feel free to explore my tracks on SoundCloud. Each song is a window into my evolving artistic narrative. Why Public Pressure? Joining Public Pressure is more than an opportunity; it’s a doorway to a community where creativity meets innovation. I’m excited to bring my diverse skills and experiences to this vibrant platform, eager to discover new inspirations and contribute to the world of Web3 through my art.

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