I’m Y3MZ. Born in Nigeria, I later moved to America and am now settled in the northwest UK. Music is my passion—I write, rap, sing, edit, mix, and produce across various genres. I play the piano and dabble in other instruments. Picking one genre is tough; I like to experiment with what sounds good. My older brother was a musician and a role model; he influenced me growing up. It wasn’t until early 2020 that I seriously considered being a musician. My friends urged me to embrace my talent, so I taught myself more about music and production, bought equipment, and started producing songs. I planned to release some, sought advice, and felt ready. Then sadly, my brother passed away. It hit hard. For months, everything took a back seat. I can’t say I’ve fully recovered; not sure I will but now, more than ever, I need to release music. For me and for my brother watching over. Whether it reaches one person or a thousand, someone’s got to hear it. Music, for me, is about expression and emotion but you have to know how to have fun with it. In the studio, it’s about making a club banger or something mellow or heartfelt, sometimes even something crazy depending on the mood. Over time, I’ve put more effort into my craft, and there are big projects on the way. Stay tuned.

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