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My name is Kester Phillip I’m 42yrs of age,my life wasn’t an easy one growing up poor and in areas that wasn’t suitable for kids but my Single parent mom still made it happen and still going strong . I encountered many ,many misfortune in my life but by the grace of Yahweh I’m still going strong . But my rescue was always music, the only thing that held me together and kept me going, even till this very moment. The thing about music for me is like… Picture this! Sometimes you can’t find words too define your thoughts but I’m sure there’s a song that identify exactly what you wanted to say but couldn’t find words to express that thought, So when people don’t take my advice or words of wisdom seriously, I will put it in a song because one man’s voice isn’t strong enough to stand alone, but I always say once my music travels worldwide everyone will sing my song and there where the strength comes, UNITY.. So that being said. I Grew up loving music and loving to sing along with my favorite songs Especially artiste like Bob Marley Burning spear Culture Peter tosh Bunny wailer Sizzla Anthony B Capleton and the list goes on. So I was born with such talent so I use it too The best of my ability It’s also something I love and enjoy doing I’m a song writer, freestylist Recording artiste I write songs at will because I pen all my music just by vibes and inspiration.. So I decided to call myself warrior Diamondz Mainly because the only way Diamonds form is going through a lot of pressure, which I can testify about in my life and I’m a true warrior to make it this far In life By the grace and mercies of Almighty Yahweh Elohim.. all Glory to his holy name always. So there you have it the reason why I’m warrior Diamondz.

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