Vince Bowen

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Vince Bowen is an artist with over 13 years of dynamic and experimentation-rich career between DJing and music production. With solid and consistent work, he has been gaining support around the world with his productions and sets that flirt between House, Minimal House, Deep Tech, Tech House, IDM, Garage, and Breakbeat. His hunger for discovery has led him to create a unique underground identity with a minimalist aesthetic, old-school textures, and an engaging bassline that can pack any dance floor. It’s no wonder that Vince Bowen has been featured in numerous articles in national and international magazines and portals, and was recently cited as one of the great promises of national Minimal House. His tireless desire to take his music to every corner of the world and his constant search for evolution promise even more success and recognition for this rising artist in Dance Music.

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