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TREMENT is an electronic music DJ and music producer from India who has been featured on Tomorrowland Radio and other shows worldwide, and he is one of the fastest rising artists in the industry at the moment. He started his music career at the age of 14 and is the originator of his own style of music called Trement Music. He has performed in different parts of India and the UAE, and has taken the music scene to new dimensions with his energetic sets in clubs, festivals, and concerts. Every piece of music he produces in the studio is checked during his live sets, introducing new tastes of upcoming music and hinting at various genres. He has performed with some of the best domestic and international artists in India and has shared the stage with big names in the industry such as Nicky Romero, Afrojack, and Quintino. He started producing music at a young age with mashups and edits, and now he creates his own remixes, bootlegs, and original compositions. Some of his tracks have already been supported and played in various concerts, podcasts, and radio shows by international artists like HIIO, Club Banditz, Simon Lee & Alwin, Austin Kramer, DJ Ivan, DJ Shaan, and many more. He has also released a few of his tracks independently and through record labels. In the future, he has signed up for many projects with some of the best record labels and artists worldwide.

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