An electrifying singer and songwriter Bathsheba Tolbert (known professionally as Bathsheba) is a vocal powerhouse with extensive range from sultry and smooth to raspy with an edge. While her music resonates most with R&B fans, the strength of her voice and her agility make her a vocal chameleon who can transcend genres with ease from R&B to pop, jazz, gospel and even rock. Bathsheba comes from a Christian and musically talented family, so she’s been singing since she was just five years old. When her fifth grade teacher heard her sing, she recommended professional training and the rest, as they say, is musical history. The songstress graduated from Oral Roberts University with a degree in music. By age 21 she was singing professionally on national televisionShe caught the ear of Aaron Pearce, the Grammy award-winning multiplatinum producer who has written and produced for Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and a slew of other chart-topping artists. The successful producer collaborated with Bathsheba and produced her debut album, “All Me” to be released August 2023. Through trauma, pain and a number of life lessons, Bathsheba has carefully created songs that are a reflection of her life. Each track not only empowers but takes listeners on an emotional journey. The first single “Ain’t Nothing Wrong” is destined to be a women’s anthem.

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