The Dark Notice

Feeling the stress at 16yrs old of being trapped financially the young artist started his journey by freestyling over instrumentals from his Memorex Doc and Ipod from his celluar phone. Awaited feedback from his new friends in a new town he had gotten enough positive response to proceed on this passion he found for his self. He practiced writing rhymes to a crush he had liked at the job he had started that year, who had also attended the same school. A highly known artist by the name of “Khalil Underwood” had went to the school and the town knew of his music and decided for us to meet each other. Being new to the rap game not having a sense of style or knowledge of the artistry, he had decided to freestyle for him to gain his interest for a collaboration. The fairly impressed singer offered a collaboration the day he had work, and never got a chance to link up for a record. The singer did offer his microphone for the young new artist to start his journey. Later that same week his cousin had an old beatmaker from an old engineer at studio his cousin attened when he started rapping for fun. After the young new artist started college the financial aid money came in handy to make his big investments. He bought a microphone package deal off of amazon, and the best mixcraft an upgrade from his previous DAW’s (audacity, MAGIX). 2013 he developed a small buzz off of his covers on youtube, which gained him over 10K views off one of his four uploads and a 40+Subscriber jump. From 2013-2016 He had did small gigs in NY and his hometown and continued to flood the internet with quick projects. 2015 his Release of “Slackin” generated another rustle of leaves on his Youtube following up his next single with a slow auotuned banger called “Mirage” which got more recognition from more producers. October 12, 2016 He followed up with a Hip-Hop/R&B joint called “Permanent”, the consistency of constant hits is gaining him more recognition with new producers, artists, blogs, and internet radio stations. He is now collaborating with other producers for hooks to start the generating of some profit to put back into his music. He dropped his first single of 2017 called “Er Bear Dedi”, which describes his affection of a close friend of his that wanted to go out with him back in 09 when he started the rapping, its a soothing serenading track which ft’s autotune and some rapping to exploit the feeling of the young artist’s appreciation for his friend. The artist is constantly working on new projects at the moment and new music to release for 2017. His musical influences are Michael Jackson, Drake, Chris Brown, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, PND, The Weeknd, and OVO artist P Reign.

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