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Sandy Tabacinic, known as SNDY, is a Colombian born producer. As a newcomer to the Music industry, Sandy focused her attention on afrobeat, champeta, dancehall and other rhythms that are vastly present in the coast of Colombia. An area where African based music sounds lay the foundation to unique sounds. Combining that with her love of dance, Sandy has created a movement that encompasses dancers, artists and influencers into a working group that strives to take artists to a new level. Always looking for that perfect fusion of sounds, nationalities and dance moves, every production has a goal, a vibe, a purpose. It is not only the belief in creating unique music that drives Sandy to produce, it is a genuine passion for sound and culture. Sandy was a pioneer incorporating Champeta into the Latin Monitor Awards and continues to work with the latin community to incorporate afro, amapiano, house and other sounds into the culture that surrounds her. Her collaborations include working with artists like DJ Dever, Big Yamo, Kevin Florez, Meaku, Londonstar, Kaci Ajike, Young F, and others. It is her goal to continue to offer a meeting place for newcomers as well as established artists, to create and combine their unique styles into music everyone loves.

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