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Im a 37 year old Artist! I’m passionate about music! I work as a stage hand, a audio Engineer, Recording artist & A student of the Craft. I been rapping since i was a kid Started writing when i was 15. Built my own studio & Label (74 Productionz Studioz) to record and press albums in 2004. I been on the path since then. Yes I lived a successful life of crime drugs and violence. I moved from Kansas in 2016 to chase a dream! In 2019 I landed on Music Row in the Heart of Nashville full filling that dream! And I been doin so since! Every day is a new day to create but my depression been getting the best of me and thats what my music is about! Coping with depression addiction mental health and expressing what ive done, what im capable of & will do to move forward… Get Up Move Round is my Brand. If I can get up every day and move round and be productive in persuit of success than anyone else can. Lately its been a struggle, i dont wanna write or record let alone do class assignments… So I have no choice but to write bout the bull shit and get up move Round. This music business aint no sunshine and roses! Im exhausted! And its my own head fucking with me! Thats just being honest as of right now! Highlight in that matter I was Nominated Southern Hip-Hop Artist of th Year by 97.7 Outlaw Radio FM for the 3rd Annual Virtual Hip-Hop Awards! And Won!

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