Born in Ethiopia, Sirak Keeghan’s early life remains a mystery to him. After losing his family, he was adopted from an illegal Ethiopian orphanage and brought to Australia by a single mother. Life became a captivating puzzle for Sirak, as he sought to find meaning, identity, love, self-worth, and truth. Observing the underlying sadness prevalent in Western culture, Sirak developed a deep fascination with understanding and solving it. Growing up with his mother, an English teacher for speakers of other languages, Sirak began to piece together meanings and concepts at an early age. During his youth, music wasn’t initially a passion for Sirak. Instead, he expressed himself through dance and humor, participating in school talent shows. However, a transformative experience while on exchange in France led him to music, using it as a way to adjust to new realities. Returning from France in mid-2015, Sirak delved into the world of sound, unknowingly embarking on a journey that would later become a fulfilling creative outlet and a successful business. In 2016, he started producing beats and writing rap lyrics. Facing a tumultuous life with changes, running away from home in early 2016 and living in various places, music remained the only constant in Sirak’s life. However, on Boxing Day of 2018, everything changed drastically when his Uncle informed him of his mother’s tragic suicide, sending him into a deep depression. Throughout this dark period, music became Sirak’s lifeline. When lockdown hit, Sirak found solace in the opportunity to create his debut album, “R.A.D” (Reactive Attachment Disorder), released in 2020 on the anniversary of his adoption. Exploring themes of grief, the album was a testament to his resilience, as it was entirely crafted in a humble bedroom with a single microphone. Since the album’s release, Sirak has delved deeper into the world of audio production, particularly mastering, and started his own mastering business called Openspacemastering. His dedication to the entire process of song creation, from writing to mastering, is driven by his ultimate goal of creating objectively good music that can help transmute the internal sadness some experience. Sirak Keeghan’s life has been a tapestry of struggles, resilience, and self-discovery, woven together through the universal language of music. His journey continues as he pursues his passion for music production and endeavors to create a positive impact through his art.

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