Sheesh Rajah

Sheesh Rajah (Saieesh Shanmugarajah) is a Boorloo born songwriter, producer and artist. Raised in a Tamil household, Saieesh was surrounded by family who immersed themselves in devotional and film songs which led itself to them playing in numerous bands with their older sister, Nishe. Their initial releases, A.Y.A.A focuses on their journey through childhood and adolescence with the constant cast of the east and west weighing upon on them and the diaspora alike. Genre melding, Mr.Rajah lets us experience sound with no barrier. He was a part of RTRFMs ‘On The Rise’ 2021 panel and has received rave reviews for their album “A.Y.A.A.” With Liveschool (a prominent member of Sydney’s Electronic Music scene) quoting it to be “one of the best underground pop records of the past decade”.

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