Sergiy Poznansky is a well-known photographer, cinematographer, and artist from Kiev. After obtaining a diploma in cinematography from the Karpenko-Karyi Institute, he worked as a photographer at the advertising agency Mc Cann Erickson/Linea 12, and then opened his own photo studio, where he worked on artistic authorial photography. He has also participated in many photo exhibitions and film festivals, including the 2000 International Youth Film Festival, where he served as a director of photography for the documentary film “State,” which won second place for best cinematography. In 2016, Sergiy Poznansky returned to the complex and somewhat lost technique of ambrotype and created a unique result, with each individual ambrotype being created in an exciting, step-by-step manual process that adds even greater value to it. The technique of painting with light using reactive substances on a glass plate is unique and often unexpected, thus excluding any possibility of duplication. Currently, Sergiy Poznansky is working on improving his authorial technique, using transfer paper, watercolor paper, and postcards. He continues to be an active participant in photo exhibitions and film festivals, presenting his works at them. His art pieces are in many private collections around the world. Sergiy Poznansky’s recent film projects as a director of photography are very impressive and well-known in the world of cinema and festivals. In 2016, the intros for the TRK Ukraine program “Chernobyl – National Tragedy,” directed by Sergiy Poznansky, received the Grand Prix at the “Medientage Munchen” festival. This festival, held annually in Munich, is one of the largest in Europe in the field of media and technology. Also in 2016, the film “Fashion Zombies” was officially selected for the “ARTLightenment Art and Film Festival” in the United States. This festival, held in Nashville, is dedicated to art and cinema and cinema and is an important event for creators and fans of culture. In 2017, the film “A Revival Story” was selected for the Chelsea Fashion & Film Festival in New York. This festival is one of the largest fashion and film festivals in the world. Also in 2017, the film “Laces” was qualified for the Short Film Animated competition at the 20th International Film Festival Zoom – Zblizenia in Jelenia Gora, Poland. This festival is known for showcasing excellent films and attracting attention to young talent. Creative photo projects: In September 2002, he presented his works at an exhibition of erotic photography held in Kyiv, at the gallery “N.” In April 2003, he participated in the project “Photo Biennale,” Kyiv. In April 2009, under the patronage of T.M. “President,” a personal exhibition “Cheese-Art” took place at the Foundation for the Development of Arts, Kyiv. In August 2009, a personal exhibition took place at the Ukrainian House, Kyiv. “Kyiv Insider.” In September 2009, a personal exhibition “9 photographs” took place at the “Physical Culture” gallery. In November 2013, he participated in the exhibition “BLOW-UP” at the tea club in Kyiv. In November 2018, he participated in the exhibition “Photo Kyiv” at the art space “Chicago,” Kyiv. In July 2019, he participated in the exhibition “Metamodern, the search for perfection” at the MVM Museum of the History of Kyiv. In September 2019, he participated in the exhibition ” October 2019. Participation in the exhibition “Olesya Avramenko. Looking back at summer”. Gallery “L-art” in Kyiv. February 2022. Participation in the exhibition “Life behind the changing clocks. Ukrainian contemporary photography” at the National Museum Kyiv Art Gallery. February 2023. Solo exhibition “Kyiv-Military” at the “Khlibnya” gallery located on the territory of the National Reserve “Sophia Kyivska”.

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