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Sainte exp is a music lover who regularly organizes parties and mixing courses to form the future generation of DJs. Ever since the Venus club opened great doors for her, she shaped her technique and her musical aesthetics in the best clubs of Paris (glazart, badaboum, kilowatt…) and other French festivals (la frairie, NDK, ch√Ęteau Sonic, Madame Loyal, radiomeuh…) where she shares the stage with big names of the electronic music scene such as Laurent Garnier, S3A, Camion Bazar, Mama Snake, Mezigue… Her style: eclecticism. She is a multi-faceted DJ, and indulges in mixing genres (house, disco, techno, trance), in order to take her audience on a real sound journey. It is behind the decks that she feels most alive. Her ultimate goal : to make people dance like there is no tomorrow. Sainte exp considers that her music is a condensation of all the different cultures and genres which rocked her youth, from French songs to pop and rock. Her productions are as varied as possible, and her goal is to create her own vision of electronic music: melodic, round, that makes the body, mind and senses vibrate, which is all always effective on the dancefloor.

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