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MoYah, an Afro-fusion Rapper born in war-torn Mozambique during a 16 year war stands as a testament to resilience & creativity. Forced to flee his homeland as a political refugee, he found solace in the diverse musical palette provided by his parents and the impactful world of Hip Hop while living in Lisbon. Renowned for his electrifying performances across almost 20 countries around the world, MoYah seamlessly blends hard-hitting rap lyrics with high-energy Afro Fusion, Trap, and alternative up-tempo sounds. His music, featured on BBC One, as well as international TV Channels in Portugal, Senegal and Mozambique speaks not only of his personal journey but fosters community cohesion, empathy, and a celebration of perseverance. In 2023 MoYah was shortlisted by Portuguese National television channel RTP as a contestant for Festival da Canção, a national festival produced and broadcasted by RTP to choose the Portuguese entry for the Eurovision Song contest. Delivering a wide range of workshops and educational programmes across the UK, Sudan, U.S. and Morocco led to MoYah receiving the prestigious 21 for 21 award, recognizing him as a faith-based leader breaking barriers and fostering dialogue in the 21st century. Designated as the Hip Hop Ambassador of May Project Gardens in 2021, MoYah actively contributes to this grassroots organisation, empowering marginalised communities globally to address poverty, disempowerment, and access to resources. MoYah’s journey transcends music, embodying a fusion of resilience, artistry, and social impact.

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