Kathy B.MO

Kathy B.MO learned to play the guitar when she was a child and for years she composed and recorded guitar solos, never with the aspiration of becoming a musician. She is in fact a housekeeper, but after discovering this platform she thought her work could be more than just a hobby. Let´s see what impression her first releases get and perhaps she´ll be more than just a housekeeper from now on. She is Brazilian and lives in Praia Grande -SP, just by the beach and some of her favourite players are: Caetano Veloso, João Bosco, Pepeu Gomes, Eric Claplton, Jimi Hendrix and others. Her favourite music styles are: Brazilian Pop Music, Bossa Nova, Classic Rock, EDM and a few of the bands she likes the most are: The Beatlles, Pink Floyd, U2, Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters among many Brazilian ones.

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