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My Bio: JAhf Reach Bio JAhf Reach was born in the twin islands of Trinidad & Tobago; Kc Henry was the name given to him by his Trinidadian born African parents. He was the third born out of 6 siblings. That’s the name he would be known as to his immediate family, school mates, and small community in South Trinidad. To the world he’s now famously known as JAhf Reach or CABAh. He migrated to Canada at the age of 23 and despite his culture shock, he managed to break barriers, cross borders, and link bridges. JAhf’s life has been one full of controversy and a lot of targeted injustice. For other persons this may be alarming; however, he embraces every and any challenge. Those challenges caused him to be better in his family life, business prospects, and academic advancement. It has helped him soar in every field as a musician, businessman/entrepreneur, family man, and mentor. He owns the Record Label (City of JAhf Reach, CABAh Lifestyle) which he frequently records and produces new songs with other artistes. Some of them are signed to his label and some just want to be associated with the high quality production that you can hear in his music. JAhf produces, writes, mix/master and promotes his and his artiste’s music. He has his own podcast called Open Minded Not blinded, he does motivational speaking, mentorship, charity and philanthropy. Using his Social Work training he is always available to help his family, friends, and fans out by asking them questions to challenge their mindset, giving them deep insight, and encouraging them to retrain their mind. He hails Rastafaria and encourages others not to see this faith as a religion. In 2020 JAhf Reach started off his professional music career with a song called You are Great which featured Bahamian born LJ, the song got worldwide attention especially in the Christian communities. The music video was shot and the rest is history. He went on to do Rich and Famous which featured Trinidadian born Kiffvona. With so many people and artiste swarming the artiste to work with him, he went international when he featured Saudi Arabian native SLO Ma on his Three in One song. Since then JAhf has amassed over 50 tracks, 14 music videos, 20 collaborations, and his debut album in 2022, with another (Explicit Free Speech) to be released in January of 2024. JAhf has worked with some of the biggest names in his genre of soca and reggae music like: Sizzla Kalonji, Iwer George, Benjai, Ziggy Rankin and more. Because of the challenges, oppression, and injustice he faced personally and seen other black peoples going through, JAhf advocates for the less fortunate and vulnerable populations; no matter the race or gender. His catch phase is prominent in his music “CABAh Lifestyle” which means (Creating A Beautiful And Healthy) Lifestyle.

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