HappyDx’s musical journey began as a guitarist in various bands, but it was with “Casa29” that he also had the opportunity to develop as a music producer. After the group’s breakup in 2021, HappyDx found himself in a moment of frustration. After experimenting with and composing different styles for a potential new musical project, he decided to try something entirely new. He set aside the guitar and immersed himself in one of the styles that had marked his adolescence. “I think I never tried producing electronic music because I was stuck in my role as a guitarist, and it was a completely different world from what I was used to.” During this process, HappyDx continued to work on musical projects simultaneously, where he discovered that his signature in the songs was psychedelia. “I like to go beyond composing with chords and notes; I always aim to create textures and scenes that can be projected just by listening.” HappyDx released his debut single, “Dreaming,” in September 2023, and he is currently working on upcoming singles and collaborations that will see the light of day this year.

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