frekld cloud

Mental health, self-love, romance, personal issues and downright silly are all target areas of frekld cloud’s music. The 19-year-old independent artist from just outside of Des Moines, Iowa strives to bring people together for one thing. Music. From a young age, the artist has always had a knack for sound. Plastic cups and straws to pencils and notebooks were his first instruments. Growing up, music was always an escape for him as well as a comfort zone. Now as he’s older, he pushes the boundaries of what it means to be an artist that writes in more than one genre. Although he’s been described as a pop, pop-rap and alternative pop artist he doesn’t see himself as that. He sees himself as a genre, music of his own that speaks for other people. frekld cloud’s music is a question of “will it be heard and will it gather?” over, “is it good enough for _?” So sit down, buckle up and prepare yourself for the next artist that will tilt the axis of the earth.

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