Edodacapo is Edoardo Trombettieri, a Taranto singer-songwriter born in 1996. In recent years he has released an album in Italian with an independent group and a solo EP in English, produced by him himself abroad. After his experience as a busker on the streets of Thessaloniki and Bologna, EDODACAPO is a project that aims to combine different musical influences: from the most researched, such as Sufjan Stevens, to Italian pop, Calcutta, and offbeat pop, Still Woozy. He produced his first tracks in Rome with Pietro Paroletti; then he began a collaboration with Deposito Zero Studios in Forli. He is now independent and produces his demos in his room and cooks them at Francesco Ponz’s house. He has collaborated with Espana Circo Este, under Garrincha Dischi, and opened CLAVDIO’s live show in Turin last January. Since June 2023 he has resumed busking on the streets of Turin, but dreams of an indoor tour.

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