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Big Juicy Chugs (BJC) is an online metal outfit that started uploading reels and shorts to social media in 2023. Their motto is “EVERYHING’S BETTER WITH METAL” as they set out to add lowtuned, metal styled guitars to pretty much everything they see fit: be it a hiphop song, internet memes, or a stunnig view; all is paired with metal in the form of djent, (modern) metalcore and deathcore. The biggest hit so far was a remix of the song “Jericho” by artist Iniko, where BJC took the acapella vocal and placed it under a melodic, atmospheric and heavy piece of metal music. The two contrasts led to the video gatherong over 800.000 views in total and over 6000 followers on TikTok. Sadly, the original artist gave no permission for a official full version, so they released the instrumental version and gathered over 2000 streams

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