An artistic awakening never goes unnoticed

By Neshy Denton

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There has been an epiphany. A sudden shift in time, moulding this uncertainty into a delicate form of sensibility, empowerment and melancholy. When an artist, or anyone for that matter, stumbles across this realisation, it could almost become the pinnacle in their artistic journey. For what is an artist if they cannot understand their own identity? It’s complicated. But, this time it was Brisa Nunjo’s turn.

However, the journey to find this understanding can turn out to be most challenging. Every single artist comes to face their own individual climb, or stroll, to reach this point. Or maybe some just don’t extend to such a perception. The confusion that self identity can lead to is certainly overwhelming. 

The highlight of Brisa’s path sits in this moment in time. She has dedicated the past few years to sculpting her sound, stemming from her father’s folkloric influences fusing Jazz, Hip Hop and Funk towards her own calm and soulful resonance. Born and bred in Barcelona, with a 5 year hop to Paris during her childhood, she has followed her own serene pathways into the urban neo-soul scene. 

Having discovered the wonders of a guitar and her own voice, she has taken to writing music through the simplicity of regarding her timid approach towards life. Once certain limitations had cornered her into a hole, she discovered the unnecessary restrictions of working from the bounds of a studio. And of her own home. She acknowledged that her essence as an artist could flourish shared in the presence of others alongside her band. She now belongs to the balance of shifting between dabbling in a studio and the prosperity of singing in the organic presence of others.

Moving from her confusion onto the unearthing of a new chapter, she recently released a live collection of her three singles on all streaming platforms. Here she portrays herself entirely through the chemistry of her performance, released as a live music video. It captures the organic feel to her music and shows the welcoming to a new version of her confidence. She officially premiered the video in Barcelona alongside a final performance of her new songs this summer. 

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Photo by Danny Delgado