All the fun of the fair, Boys Noize flips Promiseland’s Take Down The House

By Beverley Knight

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Scream if you want to go faster; there’s a new alliance in town. International beat maker Boys Noize has added his spin on Promiseland’s Grand Theft Auto V anthem Take Down The House for those dead of night times in low-ceilinged nightspots tucked underground. It is as lethal and full-on as you’d expect.

The garage rock, big beat, siren-tainted original Take Down The House goes up a notch in bpm with Boys Noize. Where the spirit remains unbroken, its new melody and the happy hardcore bounce blast out on a fairground waltzer at peak speed. Check out the visualiser: beastly metal motorbikes skid around New York; people sweat it out, possessed on the dance floor. 

Nocturnal Promiseland (aka Johann Rashid) is part post-punk – the presence of Amyl of the Sniffers, poetic chant of Fontaines D.C. and intense tones of Paris’ Bad Pelican, mashed with electronic rave beats and synths. His DIY art blends music performance and video through the lens of club culture. 

Promiseland’s famed live shows drip with intense energy: hanging from rafters, unfurling like a bat, taking a running jump in the unknown, dousing the eyes with jalapeño-infused tequila, you get the idea. It wasn’t long before he caught the attention of the Big Apple before he caught the attention of one JC, Julian Casablancas.

Dubbed The Future Prince of Anarchy by JC, a signing to Cult Records, Julian’s label and home of The Voidz followed. They say you never know when Promiseland will show up; it’s sometimes under moonlight just before dawn, but we know this: On 20 October 2023, his debut LP Sad But Happy is unleashed to the world. With backing from Boys Noize and Cult Records, we know we’re onto something good. 

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Cover photo: Promiseland by Allen Ying