A mysterious masquerade ball

By Dylan Robinson

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Ethereal yet rooted in reality; B-awhe is teasing her next project ‘26% MIXTAPE’ with her latest single ‘Infected’, a sleepy nod to tales of never-ending phone calls and the love which awaits on the other end.

Brought to you by the same team who constructed the make-believe land exhibited in B-awhe’s first release this year ‘Ride 2 Nowhere’, ‘Infected’ is as similarly laced in wonder as it is cemented in reality and sees the 27 year-old creative both star and direct in another set of beautiful visuals.

The video captures a fantastical phone day dream. I fall asleep on the phone after chatting for hours and find myself in a mysterious masquerade ball, I keep being nearly woken from my slumber by my intoxicating phone call that reaches me even deep in dream. I love bringing together reality and fantasy, highlighting the beauty in the everyday.”– B-awhe

During her time at Leeds Conservatoire she met fellow creatives Nix Northwest and LAUSSE THE CAT as well as the co-producer for this track TAMBALA. The three of them are touted as real inspirations and motivations for B-awhe to create and produce her own sound, which has since been performed at BBC Introducing: Summer by the River, The Great Escape and Giles Peterson’s ‘We Out Here’ festival- good pedigree to build from.

The ‘26% MIXTAPE’ is expected to land in November and will feature her own blend of Jazz, R&B and Soul music, acting as an escape-hatch for her loyal followers and new fans alike.

Listen here B-awhe TAMBALA

Picture by Ellie Slorick