A fleeting now

By Dylan Robinson

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Group Bracil have a new recruit. Oregon’s very own Capriisun is set to drop only his second ever wax record, ‘A Fleeting Now’. It continues in the same familiarly fluffy sepia-tinted manner that we associate with the labels’ discography and gave me a chance to find out more about this rap anomaly. 

A US rapper making moves in the UK scene, how did you manage that? 

Capriisun: What’s Good. I started releasing music online a few years ago and since then a lot of people in the UK reached out and showed luv. Just met a lot of people early on and the rest formed organically. I still live in the States though.

Growing up, would you say you always knew music would be what you were doing or is this something you more or less stumbled on?

Capriisun: I was into music a bit, but I didn’t know it was something that I would take more seriously until a few years ago. I’m still learning with time. Who knows might come in the game as a rapper and leave as a sculptor, the art is infinite haha.

How did the UK treat you, what quirks have you noticed that you like or dislike? 

Capriisun: I used to live in London for a bit as a child actually because my dad is from London but grew up in the states. One year we moved to London for a minute with my family so coming back this time around was kind of nostalgic. I still have family in England, so it was dope to be able to reconnect with them as well. While I was in England earlier this year, I played a few shows in London and Brighton and ended up making a lot of music so it was sick.

Talks us through this project, How long has it been in the works for? 

Capriisun: I had a few joints done from home before I travelled to Europe in late 2019. I Played some of the tape for Morriarchi when we chilled in London with the homie CLBRKS one day and he thought it fit well on Group Bracil. I had a verse where I mentioned Barcelona, so we decided to go to Barca to skate and film a vid for the tune that became ‘Celeste’. What I like the most about the tape is that it was made while travelling which had an influence on how it came out, I’m sure. We initially had some good summer plans to accompany the release but COVID really shut those down for this year, unfortunately.

I’ve gotta ask, the name, is this born through an unparalleled love for Caprisun or is there some other reason? 

Capriisun: Yes, I definitely hold the Caprisun close to my heart. It was a favoured beverage of mine during soccer practice haha. In the States, we get some dope artwork on the Caprisun boxes like windsurfers and mountain climbers so idk that steez was tuff. Haha ya, real heads know the steez! 

‘A Fleeting Now’ is available to buy on vinyl from Group Bracil’s Bandcamp (with the Obi Strip edition selling out in a matter of days) and includes an extra two tracks, not on the digital release which will land on September 15. 

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