A brief fling with my younger self 

By Yvonne Hawkey

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Always expressing himself through sound, Clark has no template to work to. His world is a juxtaposition of total mayhem and orchestral elegance. Dedicated to his music, he admits he once bought a camp bed so he could literally sleep next to his piano to capture ideas as soon as he awoke. Harnessing that flow of creativity while still in a dream state.

Always managing to manipulate the tension between electronic music and the formality of classical music, Clark’s journey has taken him from a young boy playing violin in an orchestra to being a lone wolf in an electronic landscape. Then in more recent years, drawn back by the gravitational pull of classical through the composition of several film scores.

Forever influential and always plotting something new and unexpected, Clark now mirrors his younger self with the release of an infamous rarity ‘Frau Wav (Brief Fling)’ that was previously only available as a mini CD on his 2006 tour.

The single ‘Frau Wav (Brief Fling)’ is taken from the forthcoming ‘05-10’ compilation album that compiles new material, unreleased tracks and sought-after rarities from the period referenced in the album title. 

During that period and working on his album ‘Body Riddle’ Clark was living in Birmingham, shortly before leaving for Berlin. He recalls, “I can remember that period as getting really into krautrock and spending the day drumming on pillows along to Can records for six hours a day.” 

’05-10’ is being released on Warp Records on the 30th September alongside a remastered edition of the much-loved 2006 Clark album ‘Body Riddle’Both albums are also anthologised in the ‘Body Double’ 2CD set. 

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Cover photo by Greg Eden