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In a world of music saturated with predictable genres and repetitive beats, Ruzzant emerges as a cosmic anomaly, blending the rich rhythms of “Galactic Funk” with the intricate craftsmanship of “Electronic Beat Making.” His debut album, ‘CRAP’ is an electrifying testament to the limitless boundaries of sound and a vibrant mix of collaborations with three rap luminaries. I got to sit down with Ruzzant to dive deep into the mind behind this enigma and explore the inspirations, challenges, and stories that have shaped his unique musical journey.

It all started with passion for the way comedians back in the day used masks to become a popular character. The the fact that those stories are often inspired by those funny and unpredictable real life situations, just like the writer “Ruzzante” used to do.

“My musical roots are mostly influenced by rap, but I listen to all kinds of music, from funk to rock, as well as electronic. So, my inspirations are quite diverse, ultimately finding their way into my compositions.”

Putting labels to things can be often difficult, that’s why ‘CRAP’ felt most fitting when it came time for the artist to name his album. It’s a title that’s provocative, unique, and a reflection of the mixed emotions experienced during a studio session. Personally, I’m a big fan of this unconventional name, and I can assure you that “Crap” ain’t actually crap but quite the opposite. This is thanks to the fusion of Ruzzante’s ideas and the special touch of MR MUTHAFUCKIN’ EXQUIRE, GODFATHER DON, and NT0’ which significantly influenced the album’s overall mood through three featured tracks.

I was curious to hear what some dope technicians could do to the sound of my music, and I’ve always admired these three rap masters. They come from different eras and backgrounds, so the way in which they bring their own world to the album is amazing. They helped me give it a more human touch amidst all these electronic instrumentals. I love the three featuring tracks, especially because of the process that went behind assembling them. I sent them three instrumentals each, and they were free to choose the one to work with. All in all, I’m very honoured to have worked with these three maestros and could not be happier with the result.

NT0′ really did his thing on “Tribulations”. It’s a kind of crescendo. It starts off with a spark and finishes as a firework. You know NT0′ is a legend in Naples, Italy, and hearing him rapping in his native Neapolitan dialect is something very special. He murdered that track!”

I was very curious to find out more about his creative process as his record label, Beneventones, as it’s involved in both music and film, and it has strong connections to various cultural influences. It seemed like his ability to blend different forms of art and his technical skills were the elements that significantly shaped the creation of Ruzzant’s first LP.

“I’m definitely inspired by cinematic sounds and their ability to create different moods and ambiances. I use these influences to build special atmospheres on some tracks. Beneventones, the label, has a rich background in post-production and is also working on producing soundtracks and short movies, while remaining active in the music sync business. Making music is an infinite battle with time and limitations! While working on this album, I found myself blocked on a track or specific sound more than once. With time, I learned to take a step back, work on a different track, then come back to the previous ones when I am ready. I also learned to stop making endless changes and move forward.

As we conclude our conversation with Ruzzant, it’s evident that his musical journey is a cosmic exploration of sound, emotion, and collaboration. With ‘CRAP’ as a testament to his artistic evolution, Ruzzant’s future promises more sonic adventures, analog experiences, and an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of music. 

As we wrap up our chat with Ruzzant, it’s clear that his musical journey is like exploring the vast cosmos of sound, emotions, and exciting partnerships with other independent creatives. The artist is taking his project to the next level with some thrilling plans in the works. First up, the analog enthusiasts are in for a treat as Ruzzant prepares to press his album on vinyl, promising an immersive sonic experience like no other. Plus, the vinyl release will feature the stunning artwork by Tonino Mattu, making it a collector’s dream. But that’s not all, you will soon be able to support this incredible project by purchasing unique merch as well. So, keep an ear out for the cosmic groove that this enigmatic artist will continue to weave into our ears and hearts.

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