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Before diving into the creation of ‘Timeproof’, Ital Tek spent a year exploring sonic possibilities. With patience and intuition, the Brighton-based composer experimented with sounds, developed sketches, and churned out ideas before leaving them to settle. When he returned with fresh ears a few months later, he found he had the necessary ingredients for a new album – albeit in disparate parts that needed moulding together.  

The process of unifying the rough parts took place over the next year, with Ital Tek also re-visiting older material and ideas. Through reworking, sampling and experimenting, he meticulously put together a new body of work that would become his seventh album. Now released, listeners have been exposed to ten expansive tracks marked by a neat balance between light and dark. Though contrasting, each song is rich in texture and eschews traditional form, with many underpinned by brutality and menace. 

During the making of ‘Timeproof’, Ital Tek took time to step back and observe his creative process and the world around him. Through doing so, he discovered three things. Firstly, he noticed how distorted the perception of time is in the creative headspace while working in the studio. Secondly, he found that spending time away from it was effective as being there, with slow walks in nature helping to put things into perspective and provide creative rejuvenation. Furthermore, he noted the strange effect lockdown had on our collective notion of time. 

These observations ultimately inspired the album’s title, which also feels fitting in relation to the musical themes. While some have a dark, propulsive quality, others provide serene interludes that transport the listener to a place of calm. Not only does this marriage feel like a reflection of his relationship with the creative process, but it also separates this album from his previous work, ‘Outlands’. In comparison, Timeproof appears more introspective and open, with a gentle intuition that guides the listener through. 

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