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Watch the video and check out the interview with lead singer Kelly Chard on Noise Noir’s songwriting process, the band having to conform to an all-white dress code and the sincerity of Matt Healy of the 1975.



So, Noise Noir have a single out, and you’ve filmed the B Side for season five of Margo’s Living Room. What’s Creeping about?

Kelly: The lyrical story behind ‘Creeping’ isn’t an important one. I simply just wanted to be loved by a man who would treat me right and surround me with passion and excitement. The riff was started by Anthony; and we kind of moulded it around that. I wanted the chorus to have a Jack White distorted feel and for it to be pushed forward. I worked out the lyrics and melody and then asked Anthony to write the chorus part along those lines. Davide has some great drum rolling near the end that we felt would be great dynamically after Anthony’s solo and before kicking straight back into the chorus.

Davide’s drumming is central to the band’s sound. Is that something you’re aware of and have harnessed?

Kelly: From the start before recruiting a drummer and bassist me and Anthony always discussed how crucial it was to get a drummer that wasn’t just any old drummer and would make an impression. We want to be a band where every element is as important as the other, and everyone has their parts where people go ‘Woah! That’s amazing’.

You’ve deffo got the ‘Woah!’ factor covered, especially in your performance in Margo’s Living Room. How did you find the experience of recording with the team?

Kelly: Nathan was great to record with for the singles, so it was great to be back there again. It’s such a chilled atmosphere, and he was supportive throughout the whole process. We have long been around you and see all that you do for the music industry. I’m always intrigued by each session you do as I know you like to experiment a bit with the filming, and it has your signature style which I love.

Such kind words. Do you have any kind words for Matt Healy of the 1975?

Kelly: I think he needs to take his head out his arse for long enough to know what’s going on in this world.

Do you think his apology was genuine, or do you reckon he backpedalled due to PR advice?

Kelly: I can guarantee that most of those ‘apologies’ are driven because PR or management have told them they’re going to lose fans and therefore money if they don’t apologise. Apologising online is worth nothing. Maybe he should go and apologise to every woman and every hip-hop artist he’s looked down on. Or for a proper apology, he could donate a load of his ‘well earned’ cash to women’s charities and fund some struggling hip-hop artists.

I for one won’t hold my breath. How about we give Noise Noir some free press? When’s the next gig and where?

Kelly: Next gig is Dec 15th, and it’s a Christmas Special for DIY Thursdays at The Engine Rooms in Bow. We’re playing with New Zealand’s The Cavemen and DIY Mother Lyndell knows how to throw a party, so we’re really excited. Although the dress code is ‘White Hole Of Noise’ which is going to be a new one for us. It will be the first and probably last time you’ll see us on stage wearing white. Wish us goths luck!

That sounds like a mad bill. The Cavemen take no prisoners, and DIY Mother Lyndell is one of those promoters that I feel guilty for not chatting about online. Before this interview ends, name three bands you’d want to see in Margo’s Living Room next?

Kelly: Something Leather, Junodef and Hari Debi.

I know one of those bands. Time to do my homework! I hope the session helps further awareness of your ‘I Don’t Need You’ single, and fingers crossed more people intervene when sexual harassment rears its ugly head. The issue you raise is an old one, and any attempt to point out that we need to stamp it out is always worthy.


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