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Your music reminds us of the seedy Soho underground, like many areas in London it’s lost a lot of its charm. What are your thoughts on this?

Soho was a big part of my early childhood, my friend’s dad ran a strip joint in Soho when I was 11 and we used to sneak in and sit at the back boggle-eyed. We have played a lot of clubs in Soho including the Marque in Wardour Street and Gossips in Meard Street, all of which are long gone. Soho is not as generic as where I live in Reading and coming to London still gives me a buzz but the soul of Soho has definitely floated away.


What drew you to make the music you make? It’s certainly unique, we can’t think of anyone doing what you do

We wanted to do something that wasn’t led by the vocals. Audiences usually tune in to the singer and they can become the focus of the listener.  Acid Dol is the perfect front person as we don’t have to compromise on anything to suit a vocalist. Compromise kills bands and creativity. We have avoided this and our shows allow people to interpret tunes in their own way.



Talk to us about your gear, it’s all analogue right? How does it affect your writing and recording?

Working with analogue synths is great for creativity. We work a lot with budget synths from the 70’s/80’s and after the initial struggle of getting any sound at all we may be lucky and find something we haven’t heard before. This helps to keep our ideas on the move and hopefully unique. We are still trying to keep the same blend of Psychedelic dance and electro with live drums and guitar although the new tunes seem to have a darker outlook.


Was the live show difficult to put together?

The live show was difficult to work out. We don’t own a laptop so we use an old 80’s hard disc recorder as a sequencer. This is synced into our backing film in a highly technical manner i.e. I have to hit the play button at the right time haha. Once I hit play we can’t stop or restart, this is life on the edge!


What’s on the horizon for Pink Diamond Revue?

We are Recording a new single in Bristol next week and we want to play as many live shows as possible and spread the Love.


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