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Brighton rap trio CMPND have dropped their heavily anticipated sophomore LP ‘Long Live The Court’ on Highfocus after soaking up the success of their 2019 debut and modern classic ‘Eagle Court’. 

Producer and ever-impressive emcee Wundrop delivers the tailor-made soundscapes for now-established emcees Vitamin G and Kemastry to glide over in their carefree but observant mix of rap styles. 

Each artist very much soars with their own two wings; Vitamin G raising the tempo when necessary, Wundrop proving again what a bonus it is writing over your beats, and Kemastry serving up some hardships in his distinctive delivery- despite releasing as one, it’s the individual nuances which make this project a solid sequel. 

As with all current Highfocus releases we have a few other featuring artists. Signed TrueMendous and Datkid are joined by Bil Next, Orifice Vulgatron and, most notably, Maddy on the mic, the latter for some lovely vocals on ‘Playinu’- a standout on the tracklist. Other lyrical and production contributions include Jazz T, Hutch, Louis Loan, Elsa and Tzusan.  

The top pick would be the very early release ‘Pick A Card’. I’d love to see more output on this tangent, slightly longer verses and more poignant lyricism- Wundrop’s, in particular, is extremely apt. Long live the court.

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Cover photo by Jenna Lec

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