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Guru’s new single ‘Fixation’ looks into broken relationships, indecision and feelings of frustration. It all sounds very intimate compared to your previous work, is there a personal story behind it?

Tom: It’s about irreconcilable differences between people. When I wrote the song, I was thinking, wow, I’ve had so many relationships with girls and family that are irreparable. And I had just seen Jeremy Kyle too, like, this shit happens all the time, so I wrote it from a third person stance of other people failing to fix relationships as well. Recently though, I’ve realised I haven’t been taking much responsibility myself. I think there was a lot of finger-pointing that I won’t be doing anymore. When I wrote the lyrics, I guess I was upset, confused, and angry. There’s a change in my attitude now and I don’t relate to some of those lyrics anymore, which is weird.

What’s your take on the music industry? Good? Bad? Don’t know, don’t care?

Ferg: We’ve got lots of friends who have had involvement with it, but not one person has had anything good to say about it.

Kieran: For me, it’s not the music industry; it’s the fucking service industry that I want to get out of.

Tom: There’s been a recent change in my attitude towards the music industry too. I was driven to be successful, but now I’m just enjoying it, and it’s easier to deal with the anxieties of ever reaching a point of what is successful because I’m just having a good time. I’m able to let go of the frustration I used to hold.

Simon: Yeah, it’s so hard. We’ve been quite lucky. We started gigging at a time when loads and loads were going on in Brighton, and now it’s slowly declining because there aren’t many new bands lately.

You toured with Lady Bird, Witch Fever and the Arxx. Did you gain any insights on what it’s like to be female in the industry?

Tom: We knew that women did not have an easy time in the music industry, but being around Witch Fever, and see first-hand the way they were being treated by men was just fucking outrageous. For instance, they put a video of a performance they were proud of, and all these boys were only talking about their bodies. Horrible stuff. I think it’s crucial to call it out even if you’re not campaigning about it.

Simon: But that was the other lovely thing about it. They said they were so happy to come on tour with us because they get worried about going on tour with two, all boy bands, which is understandable, but we all promoted this positive environment – every single band. Fueled by labour, I have to say. Relationships developed.

Tom: Community’s the word. It keeps striking a nerve in my head lately, and I think there’s a decline of community in all aspects of life, whether it be the Brighton music scene, on tour, in your workplace or family. I think there’s a real problem with individualism.

Ferg: We played with Lady Bird two years ago. They’re from Kent and Tom and Kieran are from Kent, so they just became friends.

So, you have a good rep for your live shows. Just how wild do your gigs get?

Ferg: Newcastle was fucking bonkers man. The whole crowd turned into a moshpit for the entire set. We had this one boy who messaged our Instagram, which has stuck with me for a long time. He asked us “Guys, how did you start a band? I’m 16, and I’m struggling to start a band, and I really wanna do it. Do you have any advice?” We told him you have to do it. Write the songs you believe in and do it with your mates you like to spend time with. I remember being that age and thinking that. Like the fact that boy came to us and messaged us – I’m getting goosebumps right now – was amazing.

Do you draw inspiration from other art forms for your sleeve covers?

Ferg: I like the look of disposable film. People spend all this money on fancy photography, and it doesn’t make the songs any different. Personally, I don’t like how it looks. Everyone’s got a different taste. But we were like, why don’t we do it ourselves? You know, we’ve got a disposable.

Ferg: We took Consumer Helpline at Market Diner and thought we’d carry on.

So, you’re next Ferg. Where are you going to be?

Tom: Hove Station. He likes trainspotting.

Kieran: Yeah, he does. He was like, “Please, can we go to the train station because I don’t think we’re gonna make it for 5”.

Any finals words and shouts?

Ferg: Big up Margo and Nathan at Hermitage Works Studios for helping us with ‘Fixation’.

Kieran: They made it what it is. Especially with Suntrap. They’re great at working with people. Brilliant!

Ferg: Again, we want to get to Newcastle quick, so, yes, if anyone wants to help us out, let us know.

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